Michael Sandel Fronteiras do Pensamento

Michael Sandel Fronteiras do Pensamento
 28 de maio 2014
 Por Danielle Denny

 There is a deep frustration with politics: don’t address the questions right. People want politics to be about big things. About ethics.
2 big questions:
Role of money in our society
Close connection between both
 2% GDP = 50 billion = lost to corruption in Brazil = drain resources from public services
corruption of values = habits of favoring things in a utilitarian way
very few things that money cant buy. Sign of the times. Quiet revolution. We drifted to market society (a way of life). We are not a market economy (an instrument only) any more.
Inequality does matter in a market society. Money can assure determine political voice, security, health … and other civil rights. Pricing non material goods rotten the values.
Goods money cant buy = money destroys the good
Nobel prize = honorific prize
Kidney and organs of any kinds = some economists say they should be sold in a free market. But a bought kidney would work (different of friendship or prize)
Market are not neutral instruments. In non material goods. Politics, education, wealth, … it corrupts the good itself and make a crowd out effect. People who wold donate blood would not it it is payed.
What can we do about it. Engage in reason public debate about meanings. We hesitate to engage in ethical values discussions in public. Because they evolve debating. Controversies. But this hesitation leads to emptiness in public discourse. We need to develop the art of listening the principals, that lie behind the disagreements. Reasoning together don’t lead to agreement but lead to a healthy democracy.

Learning with one another, we must.

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